Sequestration (Insolvency)

Debt Free Scotland provide free advice towards Sequestration. We asses your finances and determine if you will benefit from entering Sequestration which means all of your debts minus valuable assets will be written off.

Bankruptcy can secure you away from your creditors taking legal action against you. You will be able to keep your home assuming there is no large amount of equity.

Sequestration Benefits

– Stops all contact from Creditors
– Allows you to write off unaffordable debts
– Become debt free in 12 months

Applying for Sequestration


The application process of securing Sequestration consists of doing an income and expenditure over the phone with a qualified money adviser. This will allow you determine how much you can afford to pay to the Bankruptcy order and if in fact it is the right solution for you circumstances.
You can call Debt Free Scotland on 0141 2800 565 to speak to an adviser or use our Debt Solution Finder.

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